Design Phase

Duration: Approximately 2 weeks

Together, we'll grab examples of photos, illustrations, colors, animations, and music that inspire us and in some way capture the feel you'd like. This will become a "mood board" that helps direct our initial design style. Antifreeze will initially design one or more key scenes from your script to capture your desired look and feel. These will become the key visual guide for the rest of the animation.

Milestone: Art style approval

We'll create artwork for each scene, and then replace our animatic's pencil sketches with our created artwork so you get a better view of how the drawing translates into clean colors and shapes. This is our opportunity to make sure you're satisfied with the overall aesthetic look.

Milestone: Art approval

The key design style artwork will be animated to give you a clear view of the proposed pacing, action and style of movement. Are camera movements quick or gentle? Does text bounce in, or reveal through a cloudy transition? This is where we'll create these ideas for your approval.

Milestone: Motion style approval

Animation Phase

Duration: Approximately 4 weeks

At this stage we begin our major animation work. The largest amount of time will be spent here, where we animate the scenes and transitions with their major action for your approval.

Milestone: Primary animation approval

We'll address requested adjustments to the primary animation if necessary. Then we'll give the sequence the sound-effect design and extra polish that makes it special.

Milestone: Final animation approval

We'll create any necessary alternate edits or formats and deliver your finished animation ready for additional editing, web viewing, and archiving. Typical output sizes are HD for web or 4K for presentations. Compressions may include .mp4, ProRes, or other outputs.

Milestone: Delivery