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Get ready-to-post real estate animations for social media

No copywriting, no fancy tools to learn. Nurture your potential clients with ready-to-post content and your customized tags.


Social media updating can be overwhelming

"I feel so behind on social media, while all the other agents have fresh, relevant content."

"I struggle to find good things to say to my audience, so I put it off--again and again."

"What if I make myself look unprofessional with poor photos or irrelevant posts?"

It's easy to feel like social media is just another marketing burden imposed on us. But in the competitive real estate world, you stay ahead or your fall behind. It's important to stay relevant to your audience, and that means having an up-to-date social media presence. Dont' worry. Let's do this together. We're an animation studio that has 20+ years of experience and we've created a solution for you.

Post in 3 easy steps:
  • 1. Get the link in your email
    Your email from us will have a link to your fresh animated movie
  • 2. Export to your social media account
    Export that mp4 to your social account right from your phone
  • 3. Copy your text and tags
    We'll even give you text to post and the tags that you've listed as relevant to you. Copy and paste as-is, or customize them with an additional message when you post.

Find your audience and connect with them

At every touch-point, we need to nurture your audience, building your authority and expertise in their eyes through real estate tips, advice and wisdom they can actually use. This means you won't be posting sensational or irrelevant drivel from us. You'll show empathy for your audience with our content that understands their needs and desires. Your posts will be:

• Written for you! It doesn't matter how snazzy the content building machine is if you don't know what to say, have the design skills, or the time to make it happen.
• Spoken in your voice to your client using a "we" perspective.
• Providing your industry wisdom, tips, and advice that provides real value to their journey
• Respectful of their attention and time with concise, meaningful content
• Intentionally built for the medium. Instagram and Facebook posts are full 1x1 size, not a shrunken video clip
• Fully animated mp4 content, approximately 20 seconds each
• Semi-monthly theme journeys that educate your audience on specific topics
• Tagged with your specific location and area of expertise, keeping you with the right audience
• Uploaded by you at your discretion. We won't need your social passwords. You'll receive a direct link in your email, which you can simply click and post from your mobile phone.

Stop trying to manage your social presence and get back to the work you love.

Our Pricing is simple and affordable

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Twice a week, you'll receive a relevant animation that you can post directly to your social feed. We'll also include the text and tags to paste in.

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